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About our driving school

10 reasons to choose Autoškola Student

High-quality and professional training

Training is provided by professional and fully qualified instructors with many years of experience. We will teach you not only to drive in a low traffic, but also in an intesive traffic right in the city center.

Human attitude

We employ only professional and patient instructors and coaches. We guarantee that no instructor will be hitting you with the windshield wiper or any other car component while driving. You may laugh, but this is what happens in some driving schools. We approach to each student individually and always try to meet your needs and requirements.

Modern car fleet

None of our cars is older than 6 years. All cars are insured, All cars are serviced regularly and we use winter tires in a winter time.

Starting points all over the Prague

Doesn’t matter where you live or work you’re always close to us. We have boarding points almost all over Prague. Concretely in Prague 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10.

High quality theoretical training

We organize theoretical lectures every week.

Enough instructors and coaches

If you won’t be satisfied with your instructor, we can easily find a replacement instead of him. We employ more than 10 instructors, which makes us one of the largest driving schools in Prague.

Loyalty program

From each of your payment we will give you part of the money back in form of loyalty points, which you can use as sale with next payment. You can also give them to someone else.

Online study room

We prepared special on-line study portal for our students, where they can find all of the study materials that they might need during their driving school studies including study videos and theoretical lessons. They can also book their attendance to theoretical lessons and try on-line tests from traffic rules.

We respect the valid law

Especially for small and cheap driving schools is not a habit to ride precisely 45 minutes as prescribed by law, but it is very often reduced in order to save. We will not make your ride shorter, you will always ride 45 minutes with us.

We are always here for you

If you have any questions, problems, requests or anything else you would like to ask or you are interested in, feel free to contact us. You can contact us at any time during our working hours by phone, e-mail or via Facebook. If you contact us off working hours, leave us a message and we will contact you back as soon as possible.

Driving school Autoškola Student

We are among the largest driving schools in Prague. We pride ourselves on a professional approach to teaching and high standard of quality services.

  • We provide driver’s training for groups A and B.

    We will teach you how to drive all types of motorcycles or car.

  • We have a modern car fleet with more than 15 vehicles.

    All cars are regularly serviced and insured against any accident.

  • Professional, qualified and patient instructors and coaches.

    You do not have to worry that we would shout at you. We know, that there's no shame in not knowing.

  • Teaching and training is available in English and Russian as well.

    You do not have to speak Czech to learn how to drive.

Wrote about Us

Great approach

I was very contended in Autoškola Student driving school. My instructor, Mr. Karel Havlík, was great and taught me a lot. I want to take this opportunity to thank him not only for his professional, but also human approach.

Michaela Ernestová - všechny-autoš

Perfect preparation

I have only the best experience with this driving school. I recommend teacher Mr. Martin Korda, who prepared me perfectly for the examination. I also commend trouble-free communication with people in the office. Thanks!

Robert Holas - všechny-autoš

General satisfaction

The first thing that engaged my attention was the acceptable price of the course. As a student I didn´t even have to buy any textbooks, I got a CD. This was also the reason why I passed the exams on first attempt. But what I want to say is that I was afraid of drives like devil is afraid of the cross. I want to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Petrásek, for his helpfulness and quite a fun drive where I could relax and was not excessively anxious.

Jana Miklasová -


Great, I was very contended with the services of the driving school as well as the instructor ;-)

Petr Veverka -

Satisfaction with René

Maximum satisfaction with strict René Zikmund :) Thanks for great preparation.

Martin Fujak -

Good communication

Communication with the instructor, Mr. Karel Havlík, was always smooth. Drives were very helpful to me, as well as theoretical lectures.

Kristýna Šimlová -

Our team

Martin Kratochvíl

- CEO -
Martin is the head of the driving school. He makes sure that everything runs as it should in the driving school and he constantly invents improvement.

Martin Korda

- Chief instructor -
The second Martin oversees the quality of teaching and training, as a co-founder of the driving school he was also its first teacher.

Anna Eislerová

- Office manager -
Áňa is the chief over the papers and organization. She organizes examinations, allocation of teachers and makes sure that nobody forgets anything.

Ing. Luboš Benák

- Driving instructor -
A former soldier, retired Colonel. In addition to drives he also teaches theory and vehicle maintenance. He also teaches both in English.

Karel Havlík

- Driving instructor -
A patient teacher who if he is not just teaching in driving school, sings and plays at weddings, parties and village dance parties.

Tomáš Chán

- Teacher of simulator, Driving instructor -
The greatest enthusiast in our team. He teaches how to drive a motorcycle, car, simulator, and scooter. He shoots educational videos and prepares lectures.

Zdeňka Jarolímová

- Driving instructor -
Our only one woman-instructor. She is popular with students also for her friendly attitude and the ability to explain even complicated things in a simple way.

Ing. Jan Kukla

- Driving instructor -
While teaching in the driving school in the evenings and at the weekends, he programms artificial pacemakers during the day in one of Prague hospitals.

Miroslav Petrásek

- Driving instructor -
Enthusiastic driver and biker. Nobody has his/her motorbike as embellished as he does. He is also our longest-teaching teacher.

Petr Souček

- Driving instructor -
An instructor and police officer. One of the two police officers in our team. He speaks Czech, English and Polish.

Bc. René Zikmund

- Driving instructor -
The second police officer in our team. A big fan of weapons of any kind. But he does not carry weapons to the driving school, mostly.

Radek Blažek

- Driving instructor -
Radek is the newest member of our team, thus his description is still being processed. He teaches how to drive car and simulator.

Pavel Kiripolský

- Driving instructor -
A great guy, who in addition to teaching at the driving school controls the tram service in Prague and during his leisure time he rides a motorbike.

Vítězslav Krupka

- Driving instructor -
Experienced professional diver, ship captain, radiotelephone operator of marine service and instructor of driving at our driving school.

Ladislav Spal

- Učitel jízd sk. C-
Popisek se připravuje.

Car fleet

3D simulator

Autoškola Student driving school has the latest model of 3D simulator of AT-208 VRT type.


    If you manage to pull away on the simulator, it will be a piece of cake for you in a car.


    You will learn to manage basic traffic situations calmly and without stress.


    You will test your reactions in unexpected situations.


    If you are interested, you may purchase additional lessons.

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