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  • Do you not have enough cash at hand to pay for the entire set of lessons?
  • Do you need a driver’s license and at the same time you need money for other important things?
  • We prepared a splendid opportunity for you to pay for the course in installments without markup.
The course can be paid in the following installment options:
  1. Payment - 2000 CZK (installment due before the first lesson starts)
  2. Payment - half the remaining amount (payable one months after the start of course)
  3. Payment - the rest of the remaining amounts (payable two month after the start of course)

In case that this way would not be suitable for you, contact us, we will come up with a solution tailored to your needs.
However we always follow the following basic rules:

  • The first installment must be at least 2.000 CZK.
  • All your lessons must already be paid when you complete them.
  • The course must be paid up before the end of the training.
It is possible to pay for the installments in cash, credit card, credit card online or by bank transfer.